How can I sleep ?

Lyrics :

How can I sleep ? When everyone else turns to dust ? How can I breathe ? When my mouth is filled with their ashes ? Another day lost Trying to exit the program I’ve seen enough To feed a psychosis for a lifetime Bloody angel When did it start ? This force is too strong to resist Where is too far ? All I did was trying to save them Haunted by screams Chasing me back to my childhood I cannot flee I’ve got tormentors for a lifetime ! Come bloody angel, Break off your chains and Look what I’ve found in the dirt Pale battered body Seems she was struggling Something is wrong with this world All that I know I’me willing to give it away All that I love Disappeared like sand in the ocean Remember their lives Lost withing withering pages Trying to hide But I see, tragedy through a lifetime ! Fierce bloody angel The blood is on your hands Why did you come to this world ? Everybody turns to dust The blood is on your hands

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